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When is a legal representative needed?

In order to incorporate a company in Chile, a legal representative or agent resident in Chile is required. Our clients can appoint their preferred local director or they could choose us to represent them to pursuit all the needed procedures. Below we show specifically in which steps a legal representative is needed:

Sign the bylaws of the company at a public notary.
Obtain company tax id (RUT) to initiate activities.
Obtain commercial patent on corresponding municipality.

If there are any doubts regarding the company registration process in Chile, please check this related article.

Requirements to be legal representative of a company

At least 18 years old.
Be chilean or permanent visa resident in Chile.
Be appointed by a public deed to act as legal representative.

Note: Companies are not allowed to be legal representative for others companies.

What can a legal representative do in Chile?

Represent the company before all public entities.
Execute legal transactions.
Open the company bank account.
Authorize payments and operate the company bank account.
Buy and sell company assets.


Want to register your company in Latin America? Lawshi can be the perfect partner to help you navigate your way through this challenge. If you have any queries about the business opportunities in your country of interest, the company formation steps or anything to do with a specific Latin American industry, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at service@lawshi.com.

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