Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) infringement is becoming a huge problem in the international trade and perceived as a substantial threat to various industries. International measures had already been adopted by countries across the globe to address the problem. However, the borders, ports and the sophistication of e-commerce makes IP infringement and counterfeiting difficult to be eliminated.

Lawshi confronted this problem with a strong, well-founded but innovative law background and a keen awareness of the legal and technical dynamics of the field. Protecting the intellectual property (IP) rights is one of our strengths. Our team is composed of experienced IP rights lawyers who can provide services to IP Right Owners worldwide. Though our clients include some of the world’s known brand names, we are also committed to helping small and medium businesses, artists, and start-up entrepreneurs to protect their valuable intellectual property.

The legal services provided by Lawshi in the field of intellectual property mainly include:

Trademark registration and protection

▪ Application for trademark registry.
▪ Renewal and change of registered trademark.
▪ Trademark opposition and review.
▪ Trademark infringement and related business.
▪ Trademark protection strategy consultation, etc.

Patent registration and protection

▪ Patent protection strategy consultation.
▪ Patent application, reexamination, opossition.
▪ Patent consultation, document search, patent monitoring, investigation, etc.
▪ Patent litigation.
▪ Patent renewal, licensing and transfer.

Copyright registration and protection

▪ Copyright registration.
▪ Animation and its derivatives.
▪ Film and television works character image rights.
▪ Online games.
▪ Practical art works.

Domain name registration and protection

▪ Domain name search.
▪ Domain name application, maintenance, licensing, transfer.
▪ Domain name management and protection strategies.
▪ Domain name dispute, infringement analysis, investigation and evidence preservation.
▪ Domain name arbitration and litigation.

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